Men’s Cashmere Jumpers

Taking the valued heritage and quality of the Anise Cashmere Wrap of the last 14 years, and 60 years of the skilled craftsmanship and experience of the Scottish Mill, we are keen now to extend that quality principle into men’s jumpers.

These beautifully fully-fashioned cashmere jumpers, updating the classic style for the modern man,  are available in a number of rich colours, and are knitted in a luxurious 2-Ply weight, using only the finest cashmere yarns, all of which are fibre dyed and spun by the world’s premier cashmere spinner, Todd & Duncan, Scotland.

Hand combed and quality graded before being shipped to our knitting Mill in Scotland, these cashmere fibres have to have a minimum length to ensure the highest quality specifications are met.  Additionally, these fibres are dyed before spinning to give a wonderful depth and consistency of colour to the finished yarn.  By mixing different coloured fibres together, a wonderful blend of unique shades is created.

Following the tradition of highest quality cashmere, the Mill knits each jumper to ensure they will improve with every wash, holding their shape and their wonderful touch.

These Jumpers are available in two styles, of Crew Neck and Vee Neck.

Men's Cashmere Jumpers - Anise Cashmere