Why Scottish-spun Cashmere?

Scottish-spun cashmere is world renowned. With over a century of wisdom and understanding of this rare natural fibre, Scottish mills are uniquely able to transform this fibre into clothing of incomparable appeal, of the finest quality.

In Scotland there is an inherent understanding of the important tactile aesthetics of the yarn, so only the finest fleece of the cashmere goat are used. Specials skills are used throughout the processing, from the spinning to the knitting, weaving and finishing stages of the cashmere article. Dedication to quality is applied at every level of manufacturing, with rigorous specification standards applied, before any garment or accessory can carry the mark “Cashmere, Made in Scotland”.

Apart from the expertise, design innovation, and state-of-the-art technology used in Scotland, there is one additional exclusive element that guarantees Scottish cashmere’s position at the forefront of quality garments – the special properties of the Scottish waters. At various points in the manufacturing process the cashmere is bathed in the Scottish river waters, opening up the fibres to give them a unique softness and lustre.

One hugely important aspect of the Mill in Scotland, that is used for spinning the yarn used by Anise Cashmere, is their unique geographic location. Todd & Duncan are located on the shores of Loch Leven which is a nature reserve, and a bird sanctuary. They borrow water from the Loch for all their dyeing, using this to wash and dye all the cashmere fibre. The effluent from the dyeing process is then cleansed in their own Effluent Plant and then discharged back into the Loch. This process is closely monitored by The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and Todd & Duncan are classified in the top category of “Excellence” for their compliance.

The knitting Mill used by Anise Cashmere was founded in Hawick, Scotland, in the early 1950s, where being a family run business for over three generations, it’s reputation has been built on the principles of service and quality. Hawick has long been known for it’s knitwear manufacturing, a tradition going back to 1771 when the first stocking frame arrived in town. The Mill has remained a traditional Scottish Company, manufacturing all it’s products in Hawick. It draws it’s strength from it’s independence, which offers the freedom to source the best fibres, wherever they may be found.

Cashmere is about ‘lifestyle’. It is a luxury to be experienced and enjoyed every day. Scottish cashmere is unparalleled in luxury, warmth, softness and durability.


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