What Our Customers Say

Just bought the most wonderful cashmere wrap from Anise Cashmere… Have been wanted one for ages and only the price made me wait a while. But I treated myself for my birthday and was rewarded by a great flattering cut, (hides all my curves, in a very elegant way) beautiful colour, and extremely rare to find nowadays -at such good value any way- a beautiful quality 3 ply cashmere. I chose the turquoise version… But would love to try the green or fushia… Perhaps for my next birthday :-).

French Expat

My wrap arrived today and it is EXACTLY what I was looking for.  The size is perfect; the drape and luxurious feel of the cashmere is wonderful; it’s fabulous and is going to be so useful.  And yes, the colour is the right one, so versatile. You state that this is an ideal garment for expectant ladies and nursing mums; at the other end of the spectrum it’s ideal for ladies of a certain age who deal daily with temperature fluctuations!! Your company is going to the top of my birthday and Christmas lists as I just know one is not going to be enough!

Nicola Faulconbridge