A wrap for all seasons

Cashmere wrap for all seasons

Why an Anise Cashmere wrap is the only cover-up you’ll need, whatever the weather

Did you know that cashmere is the original technical fabric? It provides warmth but, thanks to its finely-spun fibres, it’s also incredibly lightweight, soft and breathable. That’s why Anise Cashmere wraps are the ultimate year-round cover-up.

Our wraps are knitted from the finest Mongolian cashmere, renowned for its insulation properties. It is produced from the soft, downy fleece of mountain goats that spend harsh, icy winters on the Mongolian Steppes and where summer temperatures can soar to over 40°C.

Mongolian cashmere is regarded as one of the rarest and most precious natural fibres in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. Each goat produces around four ounces of downy fleece, just a fraction of the amount needed to make one Anise Cashmere wrap. This soft, downy fleece is painstakingly combed out to separate it from the courser outer hair before it is shipped to Scotland, the epi-centre of cashmere production and home to some of the oldest cashmere mills in the world.

To create the luxurious fabric used in Anise Cashmere, the fleece goes through a number of stages, including spinning, carding, knitting and weaving. These processes have been refined in Scotland over the last century resulting in expertise that is globally recognised today. The fleece is also bathed in Scottish river waters, a process which opens up the fibres to give the cashmere a unique softness and lustre.

As the trend for cashmere grows, so too does the choice of colours and designs. New techniques for dyeing have allowed us to expand our range to include a dazzling palette of 19 opulent shades.

Designs include our classic wrap, worn over the head for a fuss-free cover-up, our light-weight short cut, ideal for summer events, and the new wing wrap, designed to make a statement with its impressive drape.

Because they are knitted from 100% 3-ply cashmere, our wraps are not only incredibly sumptuous but also incredibly durable, making them ideal for covering up on holiday or cosying up at home.

So, whether it’s a summer BBQ, a spring wedding, an autumn walk or a Christmas party, an Anise Cashmere wrap’s got you covered!